Covid-19 Karate Restrictions

Hi Folks, It's been a long time coming, but we're now officially allowed to re-open our dojo! We're starting at Bottesford but hope to expand out to our other locations rapidly. Obviously, Karate training has been badly affected by it but the good news is we are able to start training again, albeit under a few restrictions, I have outlined how we are required to do this below:

*Social distancing should be maintained at all times.

* Do not wait in the foyer, the hall should be vacated but if it is not please wait outside the building. * Members must arrive already changed in their Karate Gi.

* Use the hand sanitiser in the foyer on arrival. * The kitchen, Conference room and female toilets are off-limits. * Training is restricted to non-contact activities. This restricts us to Kihons, Combinations and Kata (with no partner work). * Ideally, those training should do so in training shoes or bare feet. * Those members training must stay within a 2 metre area which will be marked on the floor. * Parents must stay throughout the session in case help is required with their child.

Please Note: Please clean any surfaces you use or touch i.e. chairs.

*Please bring your own water, also wipes for personal use. *Anti-bacterial and paper towels are in the hall for sanitising before and after your session e.g.- alarm, switches, tables, and chairs.


*We are restricted to a maximum number of participants per session. Therefore pre-booking your session via the website will be required each week. There can be no exceptions to this.

Thank you for your patience during these strange times, and we look forward to welcoming you back!

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