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Upcoming Events

Dear All,

There are two events being held by our Awakai friends, to which Sensei
Angie Emms has invited all BKG members. Details as below:

Keith Walker Seminar.

Some of our members attended Keith’s last seminar and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is on at the main Hall of the Grantham Leisure Centre on the 21st
December 2014.

Subjects will cover Pad Drills/Kumite Technique/Tanto Dori/Groundwork.

Juniors 1.00pm – 2.00pm £8.00

Seniors 2.00pm – 4.00pm £15.00

Sakigami Sensei
12th November 2014

Subjects will cover Basics to warm up and then Kumite Gata, Tant Dori and Kata.

If you want to attend either event, you can contact Angie on tel.
07793 611417 of or join Angie on facebook and mark your attendance on
the event page.