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Tough Mudder

Here are our intrepid Belvoir Karate members who took part in the ‘Tough Mudder’ at Belvoir castle…A great job and a huge well done to you all.


The brave few are: Sensei Claire Lowes with Becky and Liam, Louise Knapton-Carter with Esme and George….At least I can see them in the ‘before’ picture I have NO IDEA who is in the ‘after’ picture???????


The event is to raise money for ‘help for heroes’ charity so if you can make a donation I know they would be very grateful. BKG always try to support good charity’s and I can’t think of a better one….



To help raise funds and for those members who wish, you can pay your training fees as usual but pay £5.00 pounds and I will make sure the extra 50 pence goes to either Sensei Claire or Louise. But if you wish, you can donate more via the same method, don’t feel restricted to 50 pence.