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Sensei Peter Connolly – Retirement

Dear All,


I am very sorry to announce that Sensei Peter Connolly has decided to take a break from Karate, which could or could not be permanent, I hope not permanent.


For those of you who don’t know Peter he joined us as a Black Belt from East Midlands Karate Association in 2010/2011 and trained with his son Jacob for some time until Jacob left for University. It was on his suggestion that we opened a club in Marston which on its first night, had seventeen people and has never looked back since. Peter has been a huge help to me at Marston and its without a doubt that without him the club would not exist. He took on the task of Marstons ‘Club Instructor’ and was one of the Belvoir Karate Group Instructing team, helping to steer the group on its current path.


He has trained our Marston members from white belt to brown and even black belt and I am sure they will also miss him. I will miss his help opening up the club, handling the invoicing and of course with instructing every week.


I am sure you will join me with wishing him well for the future, whatever he decides to do with all his spare time on Wednesday evenings.



Thanks for your help Pete!