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Seminar Success

Hi Folks,

Well, we had a fantastic Seminar on Saturday with Sensei Eleni Labiri-Suzuki. She covered quite a subjects amongst which were Ohyo Kumite, Nagashi and Tai Sabaki….The last two being two of the most important principles of Wado Ryu.


Thank you to the BKG members who attended (thank you for your support guys) and also Karateka from all over the UK, some as far as South End on Sea…and I am very pleased to say that the feedback from those visitors has been fantastic.


I will put more events on like this as exposure to other instructors helps you all have a greater appreciation of the art however, they aren’t free…Instructors of the quality of Sensei Eleni are ‘Top Flight’ and (as they should) demand a commensurate fee, usually in the several of hundreds of pounds.

Sensei Eleni was generous to us on our first event for which I am very grateful.


I am aware that these are additional costs to you all but I would ask that if you are able to attend and therefore support us, then please do. Don’t feel that inexperience, age or being new to Karate excludes you as the seminars are tailored to the audience.


I will of course, keep you all informed of future events.