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Seminar Sensei Phil Snewin

I am very pleased to announce that Sensei Phil Snewin has agreed to hold another course for us. The details of content and times will be confirmed at a later date but for now, the details are below:


Venue                 Bottesford Dojo

Date                     6th September 2015

Time                    12.00pm Onwards


The costs will be kept to a minimum and will depend on numbers attending so it is essential you let me know whether you will be attending urgently.

Sensei Snewin is the head of the Kamishin Ryu Karate-Do Association UK and is a professional Karate Instructor who has taught Karate all over the United Kingdom.

Sensei Snewin’s unique background and knowledge of Japanese fighting systems have made him a teacher in much demand. In addition to teaching Karate and Kobujutsu within his ‘Kamishin Ryu Group’, he teaches at numerous seminars and courses.

I have attended Sensei Snewin’s courses several times and I can assure you it will be an energetic and very interesting day.

You can find more information about Sensei Snewin at:           www. kamishinryu.com