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Karate Grading Details

Our group grading is on this Sunday 29th March 2015. We will be starting at a later time of 2.00pm and as usual it will be held at our Bottesford Dojo. To quicken the registration process on the day payment should be made prior to the day and I will take payments at the normal classes.

Don’t forget…you will need:

1)      A clean white Gi.

2)      A current BKG license

3)      Sparring protective equipment (if required for your grading)

I expect it to be a busy day so please be prompt and make sure you pay ‘in advance’ if possible. The costs are outlined below:

Kyu Grade             £20.00 person 16 years of age or older.

Kyu Grade             £15.00 person under 16 years of age.

Brown Belt            £30.00 all ages

Anyone not grading who would like to help as Uke or sparring partners please let me know as all help is gratefully received.