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Grading Syllabus Change

Hi Folks,
Historically we a minimum of three months between grading’s, normally we have four months or more. To ensure our students are fully ready we have changed things ever so slightly, however this change does require a little more effort on your part. You may have noticed there is a section on each of the syllabus sheets, at the far right hand side of the page, which requires an instructors signature, this is required per line of technique.

You will now need to get a signature from one of the BKG instructors, when you have a sheet complete with signatures on each line, you will be able to attend the next grading, this will ensure you have completed all elements of your syllabus.

I appreciate this does mean more work for you and it means that you will have to look after your current syllabus sheet as you need collect the signatures on the same sheet but it will mean that when you go for you grading you will be completely familiar with your syllabus.

We will be trialing the system up to the next group grading, after that we will make a decision as to whether it is implemented on a permanent basis.  

If you need any further clarification please ask me at the various classes.