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FW: Belvoir Karate Group Grading

Dear All,

The next BKG grading has been booked and as usual, is at our Bottesford Dojo and will be on the 29th March. Don’t forget, you will need an up to date BKA license, please check yours is and will be valid…..


Date                      29th March 2015


Place                     Bottesford Village Hall


Time                      !2.30 arrival to start at 1.00pm


You will need:

< ![if !supportLists]>1)      < ![endif]>An in date BKA license (you cannot grade without one)

< ![if !supportLists]>2)      < ![endif]>A clean white Karate Gi.

< ![if !supportLists]>3)      < ![endif]>A ‘Full Set’ of self protection pads and guards (should your syllabus require sparring)

< ![if !supportLists]>4)      < ![endif]>Your grading fee. Preferably paid prior to the grading.

< ![if !supportLists]>5)      < ![endif]>Arrive on time.


This gives you all 9 weeks of training to prepare for it so plenty of time, but for you higher grades there is a lot of stuff to learn so don’t relax too much.