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FW: Belvoir Karate Group – Competition Squad

< ![if !vml]>extra-img3< ![endif]>Dear All,

We are forming a BKG team with the intention of entering Karate competitions.


If you would like to take part please reply to this email. We will need parents

help as well with organising, transport and practice sessions, so again if any of

You parents want to help out then the same applies.


Although Karate competitions have two sides to the events, Fighting/Sparring and Kata, we will

concentrate on just the sparring to start with.


Before committing please be aware that being part of the BKG squad will require additional training sessions

which you will be required to attend. You will also need to purchase all the required protective

equipment, we will advise to the costs of this equipment asap.


The training sessions will be open to any BKG member to attend but attendance to these sessions

will not automatically qualify you to be a member of the squad as the BKG Instructors managing the

team will make the squad selections.

There are age/weight categories for most ages including our younger members also the

additional training sessions will consist of ‘squad training’ only and won’t have the elements

of the normal lessons.