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Belvoir Karate Grading details

Dear All,

For the first time I will require the grading fee before the grading. This is to speed up the process on the day and eliminate unnecessary delays. Please ensure you pay me at the clubs in the next couple of weeks, I will then be able to get most of the administration completed prior.

The fees are as set out below:

The next Belvoir Karate Group grading will be on the 11th November 2018. It will be held at the Bottesford Dojo and doors will be open from 12.00pm, we will aim to start at 1.00pm.

Don’t forget any one wanting to grade will need all of the below:

<    1) A CURRENT BKA licence. If you have not got one or yours has expired please get one ordered from me urgently, the license renewal cost is £29.00 per license.

<    2) The correct grading fee:

                               £20.00 per person 16 years or older.

                               £15.00 per person under 16 years.                 

                               £30.00 per person 3rd Kyu and above.

       3) A clean white BKG Karate Gi.

       4) Protective pads should your syllabus require sparring. There will be some club pads available but these may be limited.