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Bottesford Karate class new times

Dear All,

Dear All

Please don’t forget the new class times come into effect today!!

Bottesford Dojo Friday 8th January 2015

6.30pm – 8.00pm                 This class will be for ALL MEMBERS, from our young beginners to intermediates of all ages. Please note: Our very young beginners will still only train for one hour, so their parents will need to pick them up as usual at 7.30pm.

                                                The older or slightly higher graded intermediate students will carry on through until 8.00pm giving them one and half hours training.


8.00pm – 9.00pm                 This hour will be for brown and black belts (and invited 4th kyu and students) to train together on more advanced techniques.

The extra hour will cost a further £1.00, (£2.20 per hour, Pretty good value)

Look forward to seeing you all there