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BKG Information

Dear all,

Just a general notice regarding information about the BKG. You can find and friend us on facebook, The clubs FB page is currently listed under my name (Graeme Walden) but has the BKG logo as well so you find it. It was under Belvoir Karate but it changed, I have no idea why or how and I will change it back as soon as the lovely folk at FB will allow me to.


You can also get information from the website  www.belvoirkarate.co.uk  as ALL INFO goes up under the ‘news’ section…..The website has news of up-coming and the results of old events and we regularly put photo’s up in the gallery. It also has a ‘Forum’ area in which members can easily join and look at posts put there by others and post their own comments, there are some interesting comments and videos up there already. You can also log in to the syllabus area and get copies your current syllabus and watch some videos of our Kata’s to use as a reference. The password for this area is ‘Belvoir’……