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BKG Group Grading

Hi Folks,
Well, after much discussion we, that is the instructors, have finally agreed on a date for the next grading. It has been a little difficult due to it being the holiday period and I would like to thank you for your patience. 
The details for the next group grading are as below:
Date:        1st September 2019.
Venue:      Bottesford Dojo.
Times:       Start 12.30pm.
I know it seems a long way off but it is actually only five weeks, so not that long. We will be focusing on the syllabus over the next few weeks so you will have plenty of time to prepare.
As previously, we will take payment before the day to minimise delays on the day.
You will need:
1) A clean white BKG Gi.

2) Sparring pads if your syllabus includes sparring and if you have them. (There will be some club pads available)

3) A BKA license (must be in date) Please note below: 
        a) If you have paid for but have not yet received a license, just remind me on the day and          I will make a note of the results to fill in upon receipt. 
        b) If you are waiting for a renewal of your license please bring your book as normal.
        c) If your license has expired and you wish to grade you must pay the license fee prior to          grading day.

4) To have paid the grading fee.

If you have any further questions catch me at training or reply to this email.

Graeme Walden