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BKA 50 years celebration evening

Sensei Claire and I attended the British Karate Federation 50th year celebration dinner where we  met up with our old friend and Sensei, Gary Musson. The evening consisted of a meal and presentation to Instructors of a commemorative  certificate. The Chairman of the BKA, Sensei Brian Seabright made a personal introduction of each instructor and there were some very entertaining and sometimes emotional comments made by recipients. Some memories of colleagues and Instructors no longer with us were particularly poignant. Many of the members started training in the sixties and played a huge part in formulating what we now know as Karate in the UK.  Some very high ranking and world class Karateka.


I have been left with a feeling that the BKA is a growing association with a very firm base of experience and knowledge and a long history. I believe more than ever that it is the right place for our group.


Thank you to Claire and (my lovely wife) for accompanying me, and to Sensei Brian and the BKA for a wonderful evening.