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Belvoir Karate Guest Instructors

Dear all,
Some of you may know that I am a little indisposed at present with having had spinal surgery. I would like to take an opportunity to mention our club Sensei’s who have supported me and the clubs by stepping up to take the lessons. So I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Sensei Claire, Sensei Garry and Sensei Simone for all their help over the last few weeks. Others have also helped and my thanks also goes out to Les Arthur, Adam and Oisin who have all helped
our lower ranked students when they have seen them struggling.. Without you’re help the classes would not have been able to continue and is much appreciated. Whilst all the above have kept Bottesford going Sensei Pete Connolly has kept Marston running for me and often in my absence, so again my thanks go to him.
Thank you also to you, our students, I understand that the situation has caused some changes and disruption. I appreciate your patience and promise that things will be back to normal as soon as possible.


To give our over worked Sensei’s a rest I have organised two guest instructors to take a lesson each for us. This will start as below:


Friday 12th February 2015 with Sensei Gary Musson – Sensei Gary is the Sixth Dan head of the Cougar Karate kai Association (and my own instructor) and has recently honoured us by officially associating Cougar with BKG. This will be the first official lesson he has done for us and I for one, am looking forward to it.


Friday 19th February 2015 with Sensei John McLauchlan – Sensei John is the Chief Instructor of Fudoshin Karate, a Shotokan group in Grimsby. I have trained with John several times and I can promise you an active and thought provoking session.
If you would like a small sample of Sensei Johns teaching then please ‘cut & paste’ the link below:

I have plans to organise more visiting instructors throughout the year and you never know, if you lot don’t scare them off Sensei’s John & Gary might even come back again.