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Belvoir Karate Grading

Dear All.
The next Belvoir Karate Group grading will be as follows:

Venue:     Long Bennington Dojo

Date:        17th March 2018

Time:        Doors open 1.00pm

You will need:
1) A clean white BKG Gi..
2) Sparring pads if your syllabus includes sparring and if you have them. (There will be club pads available)
3) A BKA license (must be in date) Please note below: 
        a) If you have paid for but have not yet received a license, just remind me on the day and I will make a note of the results to fill in upon         receipt. 
        b) If you are waiting for a renewal of your license please bring your book as normal.
        c) If your license has expired and you wish to grade you must pay the license fee prior to grading day.
4) Grading Fee.

To ensure a quick start on the day we will NOT be taking payment ‘on the day of the grading’, but will be doing this and registering participants in advance. Please see me at the next two training sessions to do this. 
Grading Fees:
Kyu grades        – £20.00 (Over 16 )
Kyu grades        – £15:00 (under 16)
Brown belt         – £30.00.
Family of three or more –     £17.00 (Over 16)
                                            £12.00 (Under 16)

License fees:
New & renewal license £27.00 per person all ages.

Looking forward to an exciting day…..See you there.


Graeme Walden