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Utsukushī keshiki no karate

Karate For all the family!

Belvoir Karate Club has existed and been active in the ‘Vale of Belvoir’ for over 25 years. We have taken the club name from the stunning ‘Belvoir Castle’ with all our clubs being in and around the ‘Vale of Belvoir’.

The word ‘Belvoir’ is old French and translates to English as ‘Beautiful View’….

Translated to Japanese it is      Utsukushī keshiki no karate       美しい景色の空手

We have members from Grantham, Nottingham, Lincoln and beyond and in addition to our Bottesford Dojo we also have Dojos in Marston, Aslockton, Long Clawson & Aisby. – perfectly placed between Grantham & Nottingham. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive feeling at all our Karate Clubs with all students regardless experience, age or ability, we are always pleased to welcome beginners as they are our future.
If you are interested in starting Karate, but are undecided or have any questions please contact us by emailing via the contact form or call and us and we will be happy to help. Your first lesson with us is free and there is no contract to sign and no pre payments.

We are a, friendly, traditional karate club serving Grantham and the surrounding areas and follow a Wado Ryu syllabus but we also look to other martial arts for guidance, – and take influence from martial arts including Aikido, Jujutsu & Judo.

We have a wide age range of karate students and encourage families to train together, we have several parents who train with their children at all the clubs.

We welcome anyone who wants to take up Karate and join our karate group – be they a complete beginner or returning to Karate after an absence. We also welcome students of other karate or martial art styles looking for additional practice or just seeking a new perspective.

“The black belt is not a mark or symbol of the end of the journey to ones mastery of the arts, rather it is the mark that one is done packing for their journey and may now take the first step in their true journey. This a journey which cannot ever be complete, only traveled”


The Belvoir Karate Group are pleased to have had a long association with the ‘British Karate Association’ (BKA) one of the oldest Karate associations in the UK. The BKA provide our student licenses and certificates and all our Black Belts are graded by the BKA Chairman Sensei Brian Seabright (8th Dan).

The BKA is affilaited with the ‘English Karate Federation’ and the ‘World Karate Federation’.

Belvoir Karate instructors are highly experienced martial artists and are fully insured and CRB checked. We teach in a spirit of respect and humility as these are at the core of Karate and we expect all our members to train with same spirit.

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