Belvoir Karate Club has existed for over 25 years and is proud to have been active in the 'Vale of Belvoir' for many years. We have students from Grantham, Nottingham, Lincoln and beyond. Our first Karate Club was based at Belvoir High School and latterly moved to the Bottesford Village Hall.

In addition to our Bottesford Dojo we also have Dojos in Aslockton & Marston. - perfectly placed between Grantham & Nottingham. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive feeling at all our Karate Clubs with all students regardless experience or ability, we are always pleased to welcome beginners.

If you are interested in starting Karate, but are undecided or have any questions which karate style or club in the area is best for you please contact us by emailing via the contact form or call and us and we will be happy to put your mind at ease. Your first lesson is free and there is no contract to sign!

We are a, friendly, traditional karate club serving Grantham and the surrounding areas.

We follow a Wado Ryu syllabus but we also look to other martial arts for influence & guidance, - and take influence from martial arts including Aikido, Jujutsu & Judo.
We have a wide age range of karatestudents and several parents that train together at the club.

We welcome anyone who wants to take up Karate and join our karate club - be they a complete beginner or returning to Karate after a length of absence. We also welcome students of other karate or martial art styles looking for additional practice or just seeking a new perspective.

“The black belt is not a mark or symbol of the end of the journey to ones mastery of the arts, rather it is the mark that one is done packing for their journey and may now take the first step in their true journey. This a journey which cannot ever be complete, only traveled”

The Belvoir Karate Group are pleased to have had a long association called the ‘British Karate Association’ (BKA).

Belvoir Karate instructors are highly experienced martial artists and are fully insured and CRB checked. We teach in a spirit of respect and humility as these are at the core of Karate and we expect all our members to train with same spirit.

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Meet the Belvoir Karate Group Instructors!

Belvoir Karate boasts four black belt instructors at our various clubs with combined martial arts experience of over a century. Our instructors are fully insured and CRB checked, with extensive knowledge of all aspects of Karate.

Sensei Graeme Walden
(Yondan) 4th Dan

Sensei Graeme Walden is the Chief Instructor of the Belvoir Karate Group. Graeme discovered Karate in 1979 at a local club training in Shito Ryu under Sensei Bob Lord and 'Tera Karate Association'. In 1982 the club changed to the 'Kofukan' association under Sensei Tomiyama. Following a break Graeme returned to Karate after being 'pursuaded' to join 'Cougar Karate Kai' by Sensei Gary Musson. Cougar Karate was created by Sensei Gary and was one of the largest independant Associations in the area, The instructing team was headed up by Sensei Gary and supported by his senior intructors, Sensei Gerald Tuckwood and Sensei Bill Powell. The Cougar intructors were very focussed in their training and instrumental in Graeme receiving his first Dan (Shodan). The Cougar black belts were invited to join the Dai Nippon Botokukai and were accepted as full members following an evaluation by Sensei David Passmore, during this evaluation Graeme was elevated to second dan (Nidan). During the next few years he took a more active role within Cougars instructing team, becoming Cougars club instructor at the Bottesford Dojo. The Bottesford Dojo was based at Belvoir Vale High School and grew in size at its peak, boasting more than forty regular students. During this time he continued his own training with Sensei Bill Powell and with the support of Sensei Gary he took his 3rd Dan and following a physically demanding grading was awarded Sandan by Sensei Brian Seabright of the British Karate Association. With Sensei Gary's blessing Graeme left Cougar and began to develop Bottesford Karate which, following a change of venue to its current Dojo, changed its name to Belvoir Karate. With the inclusion of new clubs in Aslockton, Marston, Long Clawson and Radcliffe on Trent it became 'Belvoir Karate Group'. B K G still retains many of the philosophies of Cougar Karate. Graeme has since been awarded the the rank of 4th dan (Yondan) by Sensei Brian Seabright and is focussing on developing the Belvoir Karate Group. Sensei Claire Lowes 3rd Dan (Sandan) Claire started her Karate training in 1988 in Wado Ryu at the local Brighton club. She trained for two years gaining 4th Kyu before moving to Liverpool to study Veterinary Science at the University. In Liverpool she trained in Shotokan (as there wasn’t a local Wado Ryu club) with the ‘Red Triangle’ group for six months but was unable to continue due to university study. After five years study at university, she moved to Barnsley for work and there she joined Shindo Kai Wado Ryu. She trained there for four years gaining her second kyu. Shindo Kai were a very traditional club but keen on competition fighting and squad training. In 2002 she moved to Grantham and joined Cougar Karate Kai under Sensei Gary Musson. After training for two years at the Cougars Belton Lane and Bottesford Dojo’s, she was awarded Shodan (1st Dan) which was taken in front of a panel of four Cougar Dan grades. In 2005 she was awarded the rank of Nidan after a hard grading in Manchester under Sensei Brian Seabright of the BKA. In November 2011 Claire was awarded Sandan (3rd Dan) and is currently the second highest ranking Instructor in the Belvoir Karate organisation. Sensei Ian Simpson 2nd Dan (Nidan) Ian started training in Karate at the age of 8 at a local Shotokan club with Sensei Colin Finlay then 4th Dan. His sister was training at the time and she took him with her to a lesson, he found he enjoyed it and he soon passed his first grade 9th kyu. He continued to train hard and was subsequently awarded 1st Dan. He continued to train but found his time was taken up more and more as he concentrated on work and starting a family, Karate started to take a back seat in his life. Much later, a chance discussion with Graeme and a little gentle pressure re kindled his interest in Karate and he joined Belvoir Karate. After training enthusiastically he was awarded Nidan (2nd Dan) in November 2010. This was awarded by Sensei Brian Seabright of the British Karate Association (BKA). Ian has quickly become one of the key Instructors for Belvoir Karate and is the club instructor at BKG's latest Dojo at the ‘Dayncourt Specialist Sports College’. He is currently training towards his Third Dan (Sandan) along with his Daughter...Demi Leigh. Sensei Peter Connolly 1st Dan (Shodan)